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I love nothing better than sharing what I have learned with those who are eager to live a life of Success and Significance.  If this sounds like you, scroll down to connect with proven and tremendous assets in Aaron's Toolbox. 

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Interview Valet

You are the guest. They do the rest. Interview Valet is a concierge-level podcast guest

booking service. 

Speak directly to your ideal customers. Turn listeners into leads with podcast interview marketing.

Champagne Marketing Courses

Champagne Marketing Courses, taught by industry experts, is a new online marketing course that is geared towards entrepreneurs and business owners who want to build a unique brand, identify and communicate more effectively with their target customers, separate from their competition, and build a step-by-step action plan that actually gets results. This course is a game changer that takes the guesswork out of marketing, can be completed within just a few weeks, and includes a course completion certificate after finishing the program.

School Spirit Vending Provides a wide range of benefits to help your school’s fundraising needs

Web Development

Slapshot Studio offers WordPress web development, brand image consulting, SEO, video production and related services accommodating the needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses.

School spirit vending

Helping busy professionals write books that they can use to differentiate themselves from their peers and enhance their market positioning by turning their existing knowledge and content into a professionally-written book that is designed to help them achieve their desired market positioning.

 Ray Edwards is a copywriter, communications strategist, speaker, author, and host a popular weekly iTunes Business podcast.

Online Book Keeping

Online book keeping for your business: 

Accurate financial statements every month, an expert team to track every detail, end of year and tax time support, intuitive software, and security.

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Dan Miller

48 Days helps you find work that is meaningful, purposeful, and profitable. You will discover a proven process to help you blend your natural skills and abilities, your unique personality traits, and your dreams and passions. 


Ray Edwards

Podcasters' Paradise is an interactive community for podcasters who want to discover the most cutting edge tools, resources and video tutorials on podcasting. This community is for the beginner, the intermediate, and the advanced podcaster who is looking to create, grow and monetize their podcast.

Scott Beebe

Liberating small business owners from chaos. Coaching for small business owners to stop working in the details of their business and intentionally create the business of their dreams.

Jody Maberry

Podcaster, Marketing Consultant, Copywriter, Podcast Launcher Program, and Customer Experience Strategist. 

Learn from a veteran podcaster. Skip the learning curve and launch with a great podcast from the beginning

EOFire's Podcaster's Paradise

Podcast consulting: launch strategy and starting a show, Podcast editing and show notes, Voice Over Podcast Intros or Audiobook reading, Website creation/maintenance, Social Media management related to promoting blog posts and podcasts, Masterminds for school leaders and school leader coaching, & 6 week "goal crusher" productivity course

Craig Cody, CPA

Certified Tax Coach™  providing daily guidance and advice to business clients for efficient tax planning, tax services and CFO services

Daniel Bauer

Join our community of 

250,000+ Christians saving hundreds on their healthcare.

This proven process will give you and your book the clarity, competence, and confidence you deserve. Simply follow step-by-step system.

Affordable leads and websites for your business. 15+ years of team experience. End to end digital growth solutions from booking a domain to making sales.

Website Development


My Book Blueprint

Book Design & Self-Publishing

Ebook and Print Book Design, Custom Book Cover Design, and Guided Book Publishing services.

Time Management 

Magic course

Learn from the retired Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Operations, Lee Cockerell. This is the same time management system Lee taught at Disney World and Disney Institute. Lee Cockerell shares all his secrets for managing your time, getting control of your life, and getting the most important work done